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The Tennesseean: Green Brier Distillery has history on its side

photo: Jim Myers/The Tennessean

photo: Jim Myers/The Tennessean

Andy and Charlie Nelson had heard the tales and seen some of the old whiskey memorabilia, but it was during a trek to buy meat from a butcher in Greenbrier that they would encounter the ruins of their legacy for the first time. Something in them stirred, and the young men vowed to revive the business...

The first barrels were put up on Aug. 16, 2014. Time will tell whether it's any good, whether the brothers inherited the distillers' skill with grain and yeast, or if their warehouse methods can coax the right flavors from the charred oak.

That horrible wait for two, four or more years until the product tastes right and proper is what makes this a game for the stout-hearted with sufficient coin in their pockets. That is money and government taxes tied up in those barrels. It's a business built on the unknown, on proof without proof.  READ FULL STORY