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Martin's BBQ Sauce Project Pours on Goodness to Fight Hunger


Back in the fall of 2015 our friends at Martin's BBQ snagged a few of our used bourbon barrels and decided to put them to good use. They few (dozen) batches of their signature Jack's Creek sauce (the same stuff they use on our whole hogs and BBQ sandwiches), filled up the barrels and aged them for 13 months.

The result is just over 2,000 bottles of Martin's Sauce Project: No. 1. It tastes good, and it DOES good: Martin's is donating 100% of the profits from the sale of Sauce Project: No. 1 to The Nashville Food Project.  You can purchase the bottles at any Nashville Martin's location as well as online. We hope to have them for sale in the distillery soon. MORE


Nashville Scene: NGBD Plans Limited Release of Their First Tennessee Whiskey


Ever since they first announced more than five years ago that they would be restarting the Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery, brothers Andy and Charlie Nelson have been looking forward to releasing a genuine Tennessee whiskey. Back in the day, the original incarnation of the company sold more than 30 different brands, so the Brothers Nelson knew they had precedent for selling both purchased whiskey like their Belle Meade Bourbon as well as product that is distilled in their own facility.

But there is also a transitional product between their first releases and their flagship. For the first year, the Nelsons were using smaller 30-gallon casks to store and age their first distillate. These sizes of barrels tend to age a little quicker but not as elegantly as the larger vessels. So they know that this will not be the same product as their final release. Kind of like I’m sure my high school girlfriend probably knew that the guy she would marry would be a lot more refined than I was (am), but I hope I was worth at least sampling.


The Southern Fork Podcast: Episode 61

Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery sits on an industrial street in downtown Nashville, and on the day I visited, I walked past a group of ladies, probably some of whom were somebody’s granny, and they were taking selfies outside its front painted facade. I was already smiling before I entered the building, which then wowed me with its size, perfect on-brand styling (check out that gift shop!) and general hustle and bustle. I’m fortunate to have tasted one of the early sips of its Belle Meade Bourbon years ago, and I remember first meeting Andy Nelson at Euphoria when he went to his car to get me a bottle to sample with friends upon returning home. But make no mistake -- this isn’t car trunk hooch! The distillery has been featured in everything from Cocktail Enthusiast to LA Magazine, and Under the Label listed its sherry-casked bourbon as one of the best 50 bourbons under $100. Taste it, and all that press just seems inevitable, just as inevitable  as Charlie and his brother felt going into the whiskey business. In fact, they were basically born into it, and if you listen close to this interview, you’ll hear a scoop of a new release celebrating the family.


Fred Minnick: Nelson’s Green Brier Makes History with New Whiskey

There’s cause for celebration in Tennessee. On July 4, the Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery will release its first Tennessee whiskey in 108 years.

In the 1800s, Charles Nelson ran one of the country’s largest distilleries, selling some 380,000 gallons of Nelson’s Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey around the world. But Tennessee enacted a statewide Prohibition in 1909 and Nelson’s company never recovered. Charles Nelson’s great-great-great grandchildren, Andy and Charles, began rekindling their family’s legacy in 2006.

Nelson’s First 108 Tennessee Whiskey culminates a decade-long rise from sourced whiskey company to distiller. (The Nelsons tell their history here.)

The new product also coincides with a new era. The company sources a relatively small amount of whiskey and is reducing its contract distillation. “This is the next step to that goal of distilling 100% of our whiskey,” Nelson says. “Nelson’s First 108 represents some of our first distillation runs.”


Southern Living: A Festive Nashville Distillery Affair

Cheers to Southern Living for including Andy and Kristin's New Year's Eve wedding!

Andy and Kristin Nelson decided to get married at the place nearest and dearest to their heart–Andy's distillery. As the owner and whiskey maker at Nelson's Green Brier Distillery in Nashville, and whiskey maker of Belle Meade Bourbon, Andy and Kristin have watched this place grow and thrive into a booming business, so it was only right that this would be the place where they celebrated their nuptials. This New Year's Eve wedding was Southern in its own right, equipped with sparkly dresses, a family-style meal, and of course, whiskey. See how this Nashville couple turned an unlikely wedding venue into a sophisticated and elegant night to remember.